Saturday, 13 December 2008

FOOTY JOKES - part 1

Q.Which football team is the coolest?
A. The one with the most fans of course.

There was three men walking in the desert, one was a Liverpool fan, one was a Hearts fan and the other was an Arsenal fan.They found a dead camel to eat and the Liverpool fan said, "I am going to eat the liver."
The Hearts fan said: "I am going to eat the heart."
And the Arsenal fan said "EEERRRR,I'm not hungry."

Blackburn 1 - Arsenal 0 (FA Cup 5th Round Replay) McCarthy

My favourite Rovers goal.

Game called off

The game against Queensgate was called off today, I am a bit disappointed because last time we played them it was a close game, and we got a late winner. My dad was ref and they called him a disgrace.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Welcome to footylantis

Welcome to Footylantis. This is a new site by Joe Taylor.

I play for a junior football team called Marple Athletic and my school team. I support Blackburn Rovers.

This blog will have footy jokes, pictures, songs and reports from games I play in and games I watch on TV and live.